what's on here

I don't have strict plans for this blog--you may have noticed already that I'm not much for making strict plans about anything. But here are some things that I'll probably be writing about. I may or may not maintain this list as the blog changes.

Music Monday - I think music is the best thing in the world. Honestly and without exaggeration. I'm not music-smart exactly, but I intend to write superficial and silly posts about music every week.

Book Reports - It would be inaccurate to call them book reviews because they will probably never be about new books. Once in a while I pick up a new release, but most of the time, I'm still working my way through Shakespeare. I'll try to only write about books that I think people should read, though. Also, I'll try not to make them too academic in nature.

Reviews - I'm a really judgemental person, so I will write about judging random things.

Travelling (with two Ls) - I'm not exactly a jet-setter, but I drive places. I have some cool past experiences that I may blog about, from before I was too poor to go farther than you can get on a tank of gas.

Other random stuff as necessary.