my golf game

Golf is my most recent obsession. There's about a fifty percent chance that I'll lose interest within six months, but there's also a fifty percent chance that I'll stay interested and become a golf God.

I put golfing a 93 on my bucket list. My dad later informed me that only about 2% of golfers golf under 100. Well, by golly, if there's one thing I am, it's exceptional. So I shall try. (My dad, incidentally, golfs under 100 pretty much all the time, so I have an awesome teacher.)

If I tried to keep track of my golf scores anywhere in my actual house, I would lose them, so I will put them on blogger.

Game 1 (July 22): 93 on 9 holes
Game 2 (July 31): 87 on 9 holes
Game 3 (Aug 20): 133 on 18 holes. [66+67]
... I think I missed some...
Game 4 (May 21) 144 on 18 holes [75+69]