about me

I’m Amanda. You may remember me from such internet outlets as The Stupid Girl's Guide, my Twitter feed, or some defunct blog that I gave up on.

I'm a mom, a student, a sometimes-photographer, and a wannabe pretty much everything else. I live in a small town in South Western Ontario, but I dream of one day living among the bright lights of a medium-sized city in South Western Ontario.

I mean everything I say, but don't take me too seriously. I will probably change my mind about most of it tomorrow. Unless it's in caps. I really mean that stuff. Don't try to argue with me about that stuff.

There's no real point to this blog. I just need somewhere to put the random things in my head, and I like writing and feel like I need to learn to be more disciplined about it since seven years of writing essays the night before they're due has done nothing to improve that situation.

I'm hopeful that in the process, I'm going to unlock the secrets of humanity and the meaning of life, though. So that should be fun.