Thursday, 15 March 2012

Who are you?

That's a question. I keep meaning to prepare an elevator pitch about me for when interviewers say, "Tell me a bit about yourself."

It's a hard question to answer. It's like saying, "What is blue?" Blue is... blue. I don't fucking know. I could explain the electromagnetic spectrum to you, but that's not really what blue is. I feel the same way about me. I'm just... me.

I could tell you a bit about my genetic make-up, if that would interest you. I have blue eyes, dimples, freckles, and bent pinkies. I can't roll my tongue, but I can taste phenylthiocarbamide. My hair is curly. I interlace my fingers left over right. I have normal vision, and I sneeze in the sun.

Or if that's not what you meant, I could tell you what I do. I raise two children, I work in a movie theatre, and I go to school. I watch a lot of CPAC, read a lot of news, and listen to a lot of music.

I could tell you what I like instead, if that's better: aforementioned children, reading, learning things, the beach, funny people, horses and dogs, terrible movies, being outside, and hugs.

But like blue, which isn't just a range on the electromagnetic scale, I'm not just the combination of all these listed traits. And like most people, I'm awash with contradictions that make me difficult to label, and I don't generally try to define myself.

Because why would I? Blue doesn't know it's blue. It's just being. Only we think it's blue.

So, if you want to know, maybe ask some other person who I am. They certainly know better than I do. Or perhaps another person is still to close to the issue. Maybe ask a section of the electromagnetic scale to define me. Turnabout, after all, is fair play.

This post is a response to the first prompt of The Scintilla Project. I start these things, because I want to blog more, and then I never finish them. Oooh, there's another fact about me for the lists!


  1. Excellent post! I love your writing, it always makes me smile. :-) <- see? Smiling.

  2. Thanks! I'm a terribly sporadic blogger, but I'm trying to be better about it.

  3. No need to define yourself. Those of us who are lucky enough to know you, love you for all the fabulous, quirky, loving, crazy things you are!!

  4. aaand this is why i have never got a job from an interview. i interview REALLY badly, so it is just as well that it is possible to get work through other means.

    in an interview, or even more horribly, possibly, ON A DATE (from teh internets) if someone starts with the describe yourself questions i want to go all "i am a special flow-er". i dated someone for a ridiculously long time, fairly recently, who kept telling me he was "easy going" like some neurotic robot. in reality he was one of the least easy going people i had ever met. what it was was that he wanted ME to be easy going so he could be totally controlling.