Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I'm late, I know, but I've got resolve

I'm not one for the resolutions. I just think it's silly to resolve something when instead you could just make an effort to do something without building in a 90% chance of failure.

So I make very silly resolutions. Well, one year my resolution was to not use drive throughs, and that wasn't silly at all because I'm sort of an Earth-lover (aren't we all, though?) and I kept that resolution. But only for a year. Now I use drive-thrus again. See? Resolutions are silly.

My resolutions this year are more like 365 projects. You know the ones: where people do something every day for 365 days not because they believe their life will be in any way edified by it, but because... just... 'cause.

So my three 365 Projects / Resolutions are:

I bet most of you are thinking "How on Earth would a person have time to watch a new movie EVERY day?" and I'm thinking that, too, actually, and so far, I'm sucking at it. But it's okay, because that's a ridiculous resolution that doesn't in ANY WAY improve my life or help the world, so if I don't do it... meh.

But there's a reason I want to, and this is it: for a long time, I really didn't watch movies at all. And for a couple years, I probably didn't watch a single movie or television show. Certainly not deliberately. I may have caught a glimpse while visiting someone or walking through an electronics store. So I'm way behind. I miss obvious pop culture references and allusions. This bothers me. I need to catch up.

I've also developed an intricate, but constantly evolving rating system, which currently includes the following, from worst to best:

  • Pftpft
  • Meh
  • Rural salute
  • Okay, sure, I get that
  • One thumb up
  • Two thumbs up
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! More! More!

I expect it will be adopted by some official movie-review organisation within a matter of days.

I just like music, that's all.
It's a short story.

I have listened, in the first 31 days of this resolution, to... wait for it... ONE ALBUM.
It was the new Black Keys album.
I didn't like it. Sorry, Black Keys.

Because I talk too much. Publicly. I post everything on Twitter. I say things I shouldn't say to close friends, let alone to total strangers. So maybe if I write them in a journal instead, I'll be able to maintain some dignity. I'm not 100% sure, but it's worth seeing how things pan out.

I was doing really well with this, and then I lost my journal. I think it's probably under my bed.
Maybe I should have made a resolution to keep my room clean.
Too late, though. Maybe next year.


  1. They're pretty good resolutions! Mine is to not let my garden die until we eat it or I move out and it becomes Mum's (when it will be her job to make it not-die).

    1. That is also a good resolution! Much better than mine, in fact. Keeping the plants alive is far more important.

  2. You are killing me!! I love your resolutions!! And your movie rating scale - totally should be adopted by all!!

    Just keep writing on your blog Manda cause I love reading it!

    1. Thanks, Tray! And thanks for reading! I don't know how you keep up with all your blog reading. I'm woefully behind.

  3. i think the pacing of your activities is just right. you don't want to overdo things. there's a lot of music and films out there, and most of them will keep.

    last night i watched aldomovar's 'the skin i live in'. it is very dark and mad but also weirdly funny. it's in spanish, so subs, but i'd recommend it. i'd actually give it a Yeah, yeah, yeah! More! More!