Friday, 2 December 2011

I meet a lot of people, but so far no fairy tale endings.

I know! I just blogged and you're all like, "Ahh, I can't take anymore of this fabulous in(s)anity!" But look, DEAL WITH IT, okay, because I'm behind and I need to catch up or else risk humiliation in front of some of the greatest blogging minds in the 'verse.

So, Reverb11 daily prompt #2, here we go!
There are several lists floating around of prompts, so I got all of these:
1. Who did you meet?
2. Who are you? Describe yourself.
3. Recall a fairy tale-esque moment from 2011. 

So, here's the thing. I am a person who does not believe in fairy tales, except the Grimm kind. That actually describes me pretty well and broadly if you apply it to all areas of life. I don't believe in love at first sight, I don't believe that your suffering will be rewarded with happiness, and I don't believe that chipmunks will make my bed while birds do my hair every morning. Even though my hair usually looks like I let chipmunks do it.

So that takes care of two questions. I'm so fricking good at this!!

This is the most I believe in fairy tales: coincidences can sometimes lead to awesome things happening, and that relates to the people I've met. I met SO MANY people this year. For me, anyway, it was a lot. Most of the people I met are folks whose existence I originally came to be aware of through the miracle of the interwebs, and more specifically, Twitter.

Because I don't get out much. Actually, that's not true, I do get out kind of a lot. But I go out with my friends, and to be honest, we're a bit cliquey, and when we meet other people, I look at them and think, "You are nowhere near as awesome as my current friends, and therefore, I shall not speak to you, as I already have them here to talk to." My inner monologue is curt, but proper.

So I do get out much, but I also stay in much. And it's nice to have company and/or a place to toss random thoughts against the binary wall and see which ones stick. And then sometimes there are people to whom many thoughts stick, and theirs also stick to me, and they become almost like friends. And sometimes even I, though I do not exactly play it fast and loose with the word friend, would call some of those people actual friends.

And I dare not list any or I'll undoubtedly forget someone, but needless to say, there are people whose presence in my life has enriched it greatly, and I would miss them if they were gone. This is where I want to say "You know who you are" because when people say that, even on the Oscars, I pretend they mean me. So, go ahead if you like, and pretend I mean you. Maybe I do. If you're someone who's reading this, I probably really do mean you anyway.

I am the master of answering these extremely personal questions without actually revealing anything of a personal nature, aren't I? Years of practice, yo. These things don't come naturally.


  1. WOW! This is like a blogging record for you!

    What?!?!? Chipmunks don't do your hair in the morning?? And birds don't help dress you?? Hmmm, actually I think that only happens for those in a drug-induced fairytale!

  2. The chipmunks are drunk, aren't they?

    I really do enjoy reading your posts.