Monday, 5 December 2011

I like pleasure spiked with pain. Pain of guilt, that is.

This is Day Five of Reverb11, but I don't blog on weekends, so I missed two, and I'm not going to go back because I didn't have good answers for them anyway.

Today's prompt was to list 5 guilty pleasures. That's difficult for me because I don't really feel guilty about too many pleasures. I mean, as I understand it, these are things that you wouldn't want people to know you enjoy, right?

These are the best I could do. Five things I enjoy that I don't normally want people to know about:

1. Ice Cream from the Carton
I pretty much eat ice cream exclusively from the carton. I don't like it in a bowl. Sometimes I even put toppings on it right in the carton. I just think that's how it's meant to be done.

2. My Sleeping Bag
I've got this sleeping bag that I bought in Australia in 1999 for a camping trip. It's the most amazing bed companion I've ever known. I sleep in it almost every night. I will be intensely sad when it withers into bare threads. And I will use it until then. Sometimes in the middle of the day, I tell my kids I'm just going to the bathroom, and I go get into my sleeping bag for a few minutes. It's like my happy place and a safe warm hug all rolled into one. And I'm the filling.

3. Baaaaaad Movies
I love really, really bad made-for-TV movies. Not B-movies (although I like those, too) but really, truly terrible, boring movies with insipid, awkward dialogue and mediocre acting. I love them. Especially on a Sunday afternoon in the winter. I love seeing mics in the frame, and not caring at all about atrocious inconsistencies, and feeling like if I fall asleep, I'm not going to miss anything.

4. Twitter
Most of the people who will read this are probably Twitterers anyway, so maybe you get it. I feel some shame over my Twitter usage. Mine's excessive and could probably use some curbing, so maybe you don't get it because you're a normal person who just tweets a normal amount.

5. Drinking Alone
I don't get drunk when I'm alone, but I enjoy having a beer all by myself at home. I don't know why, really. Something about it just feels very relaxing. I feel kind of like I'm not supposed to drink alone, though. That's a rule, isn't it?

So what I'm saying, basically, is that my perfect day is a Sunday in my sleeping bag, watching bad movies, sipping a cold beer, eating ice cream from the carton, and tweeting about it. And actually, that does sound pretty damn awesome.

I feel like this post was extraordinarily boring, probably because I just answered the question and talked about myself, and I'm pretty boring. Next time I'll just ramble incoherently again.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me (minus the beer)! If these are your worst guilty pleasures I think you're doing alright!!