Monday, 5 September 2011

This is (the Soundtrack to) the Story of a Girl

I was just sitting here thinking about a certain someone who used to be a significant person in my life and is now something other than significant, and I was more specifically thinking about songs that reminded me of said certain someone. And measure by measure, I was getting sadder and sadder.

And then I said to myself, "F*ck this. Why am I sitting here thinking about songs that remind me of him? I'm gonna think about songs that remind me of ME."

So I did. Here they are.

My Twitter friend Mark will appreciate this first one because he thinks that I "talk like an engine with a never ending gas supply." So, rest assured that talkativity is not something I've recently developed. When I was a toddler and a wee lass, my family used to sing this song to me:

That was probably kind of mean of them, but as I understand it, I really never did shut up.

Paradise City was my favourite song when I was five. It was my first ever favourite song, as far as I can remember. There wasn't a lot of Sharon, Lois, and Bram in my house. I totally remember rocking out to Guns N' Roses all the time when I was young enough that head banging didn't hurt.

After that, my favourite song was We Built This City. I needed to make sure y'all know that I was marginally cool for a while before Tiffany became the absolute coolest thing I had ever heard of or thought could possibly be imagined into being. I wanted to be her. I remember getting a Tiffany tape in my stocking one year and squealing like a very happy stuck piglet.

For years, I would hear the original version of songs (yes, sometimes even by the Beatles) and be like, "Hey, why is this dude singing Tiffany's song?!?!?" I learned about covers and shopping mall music sensations later on.

I did, like most girls of my approximate age, go through a New Kids on the Block phase. I think I remember having an entire set of NKOTB paperback biographies? Anybody else have those? Then in high school, I discovered music of the 70s and 80s. I had grown up, in large part, listening to music of the 50s and 60s because that was what my parents listened to, so I guess I needed to go back and fill in the decades I missed.

I think I mentioned before that I Touch Myself by the Divinyls was MY SONG for years. Not because of any lyrical associations, but I just loved dancing to it. I also loved You Sexy Thing (I Believe in Miracles) by Hot Chocolate. I could have used a better video that would really showcase this song, but it would not have been THIS video, which may have ruined the song for me, but also made me giggle:

That's probably it. As my musical horizons broadened, I stopped having favourites, and I think the advent of personal music devices (not to mention general anti-social-ness) has destroyed, in large part, shared musical experiences, and I guess that's where a lot of my favourites come from.

Oh, and also at the end of high school, I met aforementioned certain someone, so there's a ten year gap in the story of me really having anything to do with me because I was THAT girl. I suppose I should find some new songs that are very me. I'm sure in ten years I'll have some that remind me of these current high happy times.


  1. Yep, we weren't very nice but you really did 'talk too much'. We loved you anyway though, of course!! I remember each of these songs and each of these stages of your life! Awesome!! Remember that we could all play "We Built this City" on the keyboard?!?! We all have a soundtrack to our lives and I love that you shared yours.

  2. Hey, I DO remember playing We Built This City on the keyboard! I'd forgotten about that! We were so awesome.