Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On this day in history (well, not THIS one)

I recently had a birthday, and I was bored, so I plugged my birth date into Google to see what else may have occurred on the very day that I was making my grand entrance into this world.

"August 20, 1982" on Google

Start big! The ozone layer looked like this (rollover so see what it looks like now, unless that didn't work):

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial was number one at the box office!
Without my knowledge of that, ET became one of my favourite movies of all time. I have the collector's edition DVD set. It's pretty sweet. Other notable box office hits of the week included Star Wars (it had been re-released a week earlier), Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It was a good time to be a geek. Or Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, or George Lucas. Take your pick.
You can check historical box office data at The Numbers.

The #1 Song:
Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.
Rock on.

Also, ABBA's "The Day Before You Came" was recorded. Woot!

A mass murderer (who I choose not to name but you can probably Google the date if you're interested) killed eight people at a welding shop in Miami, evidently because they had refused to repair an engine for him the day before. He was shot and killed, and run over, actually, by witnesses while he was riding away on his bicycle. I have to get on my gun-control soap box for a moment and point out that the killer, who had a documented psychological problem including paranoia, went to a gun store that morning and bought two guns. Just like that. Because he had said the day before that he was going to kill everyone at the shop, and I guess he meant it.

Additionally, an Indian Airlines 737 was hijacked, and the hijacker was subsequently shot down by commandos at the airport where the plane landed. I guess it was a good day for killing the bad guy. That's morbid.

Ye Olde Barber Shoppe in Crestline, California was founded. And they've been providing quality cuts and shaves these last 29 years.

The following image, as part of a video of Chessie (the Chesepeake Bay Sea Monster), was viewed and analyzed by experts at the Smithsonian. Regrettably, the quality of the video was not sufficient to make any solid determination about the serpentine creature pictured. After some initial enhancement by some fellas at Johns Hopkins University, it has been left untouched--due to a lack of funds--since 1983. Guess we'll never know whether Chessie is real or not.

MO' MONEY... MO' PROBLEMS. Or at least mo' money problems.
Mexico became the first Third World country to default on foreign debt when Treasury Secretary Jesus Silva Herzog told foreign bankers that the country could not repay its $60 billion. I'm pretty sure his exact words were "Oops! Our bad!"

The CIBC Prime Rate was set at 16.00%!!  Holy interest, Batman!!

A 1968 CIA document regarding the communist forces used in the Tet offensive was declassified! At long last! This was super important because now the masses had access to this information and could make important decisions on what they would do if they ever encountered a real life Delorian and found themselves in Northern Vietnam in 1968. They would be so prepared. Somebody write the movie. Quick.

Also, a multinational force landed in Beirut to oversee the PLO's withdrawal from Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War. Thank goodness they got all that stuff taken care of way back then!!

Former Indian Affairs Minister John Munro was awarded seventy-five large in libel damages from the Toronto Sun newspaper. My assumption is that they used him as one of the Sunshine Girl's likes in an effort to make her seem classy and worldly. I could be wrong, but there's no way to know now without checking a credible source.

Kinda makes a person feel pretty little in a big old world to know that some sort of important things happened, and all I did was get born. I mean--who hasn't done that?

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