Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Most Scariest Movies Ever - Part One

I love scary movies. I love the satirical scary movies, and I love the cliched scary movies featuring the stupid girl running up the stairs instead of out the door, and I love the really deeply terrifying scary movies. The only kind I don't like are things like Saw and Hostel that seem to be more about gratuitous gruesomeness than actual fear. Psychologically scary movies, though, really do SCARE me. And I love that heart-poundy, scared-to-go-to-bed-tonight feeling.

I have an unparalleled ability to convince myself that even the most unlikely horror movie scenario could happen. That's necessary for the full enjoyment of a horror movie--you have to believe in it with all your racing heart and feel in your recoiling guts that it could happen to you.

The Number One Scariest Movie of All Time (for me) is The Ring.
I watched The Ring one night in 2003, and then I had to work--alone--at an M&M Meats shop the next day. I was terrified all day. The phone rang twice, and I wouldn't answer it.  A light in the walk-in freezer burned out while I was in there restocking it, and I was pretty sure that was the end of my life. If she wasn't already there with me, she was watching me. I wouldn't mop the floor that night because I was sure that scary Ring girl would arise from the mop water.

At the end of the day, I had to call my then-boyfriend, who had watched the movie with me the night before, to come to work so I could turn the lights off and lock up. You see, you had to set the alarm in the back and then walk, in the dark, all the way to the front of the store to get out, and that was when she was going to get me. I knew it.

My boyfriend laughed hysterically at me and couldn't understand how I could be so afraid of a movie. He pointed out, "You watch Buffy all the time and that never scares you." I snapped back, "I'm not stupid. Vampires aren't REAL!" Right, but evil little well-girls murdering people from beyond the grave are 100% certified to be true.

You would have to pay me an incredible sum of money to get me to watch The Ring again, but in general, I don't watch scary movies as much as I would like to, and so I have an ever-growing list of movies I want to see, most notably Primal Fear, which I hear is terrifying and awesome. Even though I like to be scared, I also like to go to sleep at night, and I can't do that alone.

Sometimes the cat protects me from a mildly-scary movie, especially because of my firm belief that if ghosts exist, cats can definitely see them (it was in Ghost, remember?) but the cat would not be able to protect me from the serial killer who is already in the crawlspace that's accessed only from my closet, waiting for me to fall asleep before he emerges and skins me alive.  So, yes, I have often slept with a chair holding my closet door closed. With things on top of it that will makes lots of noise when they fall. And my cat standing sentry.

What are your favourite scary movies? I need more for my list so next time I have someone in the house with me (besides the serial killer I'm convinced frequents my basement), I can have a marathon and get my fix!


  1. The Innocents http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0055018/

  2. Ooh, I already love that one on two points: scary AND classic. Thank you! On my list!