Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Joss is Boss

Streamy Awards Photo 026Anyone who knows me has ever been in a room with me probably already knows that I'm an eensy fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or, more accurately, it's my freaking religion. The funny thing is that I don't even really like TV and never really did, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and to a lesser extent, Angel) became this wonderful fountain of all that is good about everything I adore, like language and music and satire and humour and kitties with crazy names and the suspension of disbelief.

I watched Buffy as it aired up until Season 5 (and I bought the DVDs as they came out) and then I didn't watch Season 6 or 7 on TV because I waited for the DVDs. After I got Season 7, I waited a full year to watch it. And, I have to give props to my the-opposite-of-sleuthing skills because I managed to avoid all spoilers entirely and didn't know ANYTHING that happened.  So a year later, I rewatched Seasons 1-6, and then I very sloooooowly started to make my way through Season 7.

When the time came to watch the final episode, I was as beside myself as I have ever been in my life about anything. When that episode was done, I bawled--sobbing, tears streaming down my face, in the arms of my significant other--for forty-five minutes. Not because it was so sad or touching, but because I personally was just devastated that these people were no longer going to be part of my life.  To have them just stop being was like someone I knew died--not someone I knew well, but someone who I liked quite a lot and had hoped to get to know better, maybe.

I confess all this not because I think that my overwhelming coolness is winning more friends than I can handle, but as an introduction to my newest Bucket List item:

I need to meet Joss Whedon. 

Because all that absolute undying love for Buffy--and Angel, and not to mention Firefly (OMG-amazing show!), Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (buh-fricking-rilliant) and even that episode of Glee he directed--is the product of his absolute, undeniable genius.

In general, I don't feel like I need to meet famous people that I y'know like, but I more than like Joss Whedon. I admire and respect him as a professional and as a human being (from what I know of him) and I wish that I had about one bajillionth of his talent for any one of the above-mentioned things that I adore.

The truth, also, is that it's actually not hard to meet Joss Whedon. I think he's pretty much always at Comic-Con, but I'm a little scared that I would go all wonder-struck and say something like, "You Joss. Me Fan. Tree Pretty. School Hard. Beer Bad."

I know, it probably doesn't matter because I bet a thousand people walk up to him every day and say something stupid or something normal or something really kind but that he's heard a slew of times, and I'm just going to be a face in a sea asking him to sign my Buffy Season 8, Episode 1 comic book. But it will be a big deal for me, and for that, I feel nervous about it happening and subsequently being over.

So that's why I'm Bucket Listing it, because I want to just pick a convention and go to it and just do it and be done and then be able to say "I met Joss Whedon, and I told him how inspiring he is, and this is where I intentionally made him accidentally brush his hand against mine, and that's why I can't remove this glove. Officer."

Joss Whedon
Look how he tries to appear smiley and friendly, but you just know that he'll secretly judge you
harshly for whatever thing you happen to mumble when you finally get the chance to meet him.
Well, who needs you anyway, Joss?         Oh, right, I do.

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